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For your emergency pest control needs in Melbourne, look no further than Pest Control Empire (PCE). PCE is a family owned and operated pest management provider operating in Melbourne and surrounding surrounds. Pests of all types, whether they are rats, mice, termites, wasps, bees, ants or spiders, can inflict injury, spread disease and contaminate food. There are even destructive insects such as termites and borers that can destroy timber-in-service. Timber-in-service is what we call timber used to build structures such as our homes. Therefore, pest control can be considered an emergency in many if not all instances. PCE is available to assist in any and all urgent circumstances.

However, what may be considered an emergency for one person may not be considered an emergency by another. For example, a person who has a fear of spiders, known as arachnophobia, may demand emergency service should a lone huntsman be sighted on a wall in the kitchen.

Is a spider a cause for an emergency call out?

While a huntsman is not venomous, the person with a fear of spiders considers their presence in his or her vicinity to be unbearable. Immediate action is therefore required to remove the spider. If a pest manager was called in in this instance the huntsman will most likely be captured in a container and released in a safe location some distance from the poor victim! In most instances like this though, a pest manager would not even be required. Many people will either kill or safely catch the huntsman and release it safely outside.

Is a termite infestation cause for an emergency call out?

Many people think termites require the emergency call out of a professional pest control provider. It must be noted that while termites can destroy homes, the delay in attendance of a day or two will not make a significant difference to the actual damage inflicted. It is still crucial to act as fast as possible should you sight live termites or should you suspect that an infestation has taken hold of your property. The CSIRO estimates that one in every five houses will experience termite damage in its lifetime. The average repair bill is $7,000 although we are aware of far greater repair bills!

The eradication of termites is a time-consuming process so the sooner it gets started the better. While it is vital that termites are removed from your home, it is also vitally important that the nest is destroyed. Often a baiting system is used to eliminate termites.

Bait stations are placed in strategic locations. For instance, a station would be placed over an identified entry point, a known feeding point and sometimes just ahead of foraging termites who are in search of food. The core objective of baiting is to encourage termites to feed in a baiting station rather than your home. The bait station contains a poison that is not detectable and is consumed by termites.

Termites will always need to return to their colony to feed the other occupants, particularly the king and queen. Termites that have consumed the poison will pass on the deadly toxin to the termite royal family who will soon die. The remaining members of the colony will also soon die. This entire process can and will take up to three months, so patience really is a virtue with termite control. A similar technique used is to dust the entry points and workings with termiticide dust. Again the aim is for foraging termites to come into contact with the dust and transfer it back to the colony. This is a delicate process and skill and experience are necessary when utilizing this technique.

Be sure that the pest control company you engage in has a proven track record of termite elimination. To be certain of this you could ask for the contact details of previous clients. A pest control company with a list of satisfied clients should have no concern with providing a list of clients.

Are wasps and bees considered an emergency?

If a nest belonging to a horde of bees or wasps is located, a pest manager should be immediately contacted and should respond as a matter of priority. Nests can contain thousands of these stinging insects and a swarm can inflict serious injury and even death in certain circumstances. Anywhere where children are present, such as child care facilities or schools should take priority for any pest control provider. Aged care facilities should be treated in the same regard.

You should have no hesitation in requesting the emergency attendance of a licensed professional in these circumstances. A nest is usually concealed, such as inside a tree or in a hole in a wall. An indicative sign that a nest is present is the procession of these stinging insects all coming and going from one common point.

Should you locate a nest you should leave it alone. A nest may look inactive but it is more likely that the occupants are out foraging for food. Should you disturb a nest both bees and wasps release a pheromone that alarms others that they are under attack. A horde can soon develop and swarm any moving object.

Wasp Nest in Retaining Wall
European wasps had built a nest behind the retaining wall right next to a basketball court where children play.

If you cannot locate a nest and there are bees or wasps present this may not qualify as an emergency situation as the flying insects can travel up to 200 meters from a nest so the nest may not even be on your property. If you are unsure, you should contact a pest manager who can attend and conduct a thorough inspection.

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The team at PCE are all licensed and experienced to deal with any pest situation. Priority is given to each and every customer and no situation is treated as insignificant, no matter what the circumstances. We have the necessary equipment to destroy pests, which will often require the application of a pesticide. The use of pesticides is a specialised field and should not be conducted by people without the required training or protective equipment. We are skilled, experienced, and insured to complete any task that you may need to be completed.

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