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Possum Control Specialists | Pest Control Empire


Tim from Pest Control Empire is reporting a dramatic increase in possum activity in Keilor, Avondale Heights and surrounding suburbs. Tim notes, “The natural habitat of a possum is the hollowed out section of a tree. Unfortunately with all the development that is taking place, these types of trees are becoming few and far between. As a result, possums are looking for shelter in the roof spaces of suburban homes”.  Read More

Possums Living in Elwood Sailing Club


Pest Control Empire was recently called into the Elwood Sailing Club after a family of possums had taken up residence in the roof. Sarah, the manager, found it increasingly hard to concentrate while the possum family thumped around directly above her office. The smell from the possum droppings and urine had also become quite overpowering. Tim Clinnick, from Pest Control Empire, conducted a thorough inspection of the facility and located a small opening that was likely providing an entry point into the roof. Read More