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Removal of Possums Ringwood

Possum Removal Ringwood | Possum Proofing

Possum Removal Ringwood

We’re the possum removal Ringwood specialists. “It sounds like there’s something thumping around in my roof!” If you’ve recently said this then there’s a strong chance a possum has taken up residence in your roof space. We specialise in possum removal Ringwood and other eastern suburbs areas. Call us on 1300 665 573 to book an inspection of your home. We’ll confirm what’s in the roof and ensure it’s effective removal. Read More

Possum Removal Kilsyth

Possum Removal Lilydale | Possum Proofing

Possum Removal Lilydale

What’s that thumping noise in your roof that starts up after dark? The chances are it’s your friendly neighbourhood possum! The only trouble is they’re not that friendly and they’ll soon wear out their welcome. Once a possum finds it’s way into your roof cavity it’s not going anywhere. That’s of course unless it dies and stinks out your house. We’re experts in ethical possum removal Lilydale and all surrounding suburbs.  Read More

Possum Control Malvern | Pest Control Empire

Possum Removal Malvern | Possum Proofing Specialists

Possum Removal Malvern

Are possums wreaking havoc in your roof space? The presence of possums can cause major issues for homeowners. Not only do they damage property, they also keep everyone awake at night! Malvern, in Melbourne’s south-east is a known possum haven. We have a strong reputation as Melbourne’s most reliable and professional pest control specialists for possum removal Malvern and it’s surrounding suburbs. Read More

The Best Possum Removal in Kew

Possum Removal Elsternwick | Pest Control Service

Possum Removal Elsternwick

Possums are venturing down from the trees and into our homes in increasing numbers. Elsternwick is a leafy suburb in Melbourne’s south-east and is one suburb that has seen a significant increase in its possum population in recent years. We specialise in fast & effective possum removal Elsternwick and all neighbouring suburbs. Read More

Possum Removal Newport

Possum Removal Newport | Western Suburbs Pest Control

Possum Removal Newport

Possums are prevalent throughout all of Melbourne. Newport in Melbourne’s west is no exception. As we continue to fell trees to increase the suburban footprint, we’re also removing the traditional home of the possum. As a result these nocturnal animals are seeking the shelter of our homes. In the process they’re causing all sorts of damage to our homes. They also drive us crazy with all the noise they make! We’re specialists in possum removal Newport and its surrounding suburbs.  Read More

Possum Proofing Croydon

Possum Removal Croydon | Pest Control Services

Possum Proofing & Removal Croydon

Possums are cute when they live outdoors but when they decide to nest in your roof cavity they can be an absolute nightmare! Croydon, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, is an area with a large possum population. We specialise in possum removal Croydon and all neighbouring suburbs. As suburbia increases we have encroached on the natural habitat of the possum. As more and more trees are felled for townhouses and apartments this means that possums have become displaced.  Read More

Possum Control Malvern | Pest Control Empire


Possums are invading Williamstown homes in large numbers this winter, according to Tim of Pest Control Empire. Possums prefer the hollowed out parts of trees to live in but these are very few and far between these days. As a result, they have become comfortable living in the roof space of homes throughout Melbourne. Tim says Williamstown has been a particularly popular area so far this year. He notes, “There are quite large and lavish homes in Williamstown. The majority of homes are also quite old. Natural wear and tear has allowed for access points to develop. A curious possum will soon find any access point and take up residence in your home!”

Read More

Possum Removal Brighton | Possum Catcher Melbourne

Possum Removal Melbourne

Possum removal Melbourne is keeping Tim from Pest Control Empire very busy this winter. Tim notes, “The cold weather and lack of suitable trees have seen possums push into suburbia, particularly the roof voids of nearby homes. Melbourne is fast running out of parkland where possums would usually be found. The few trees that are around are already occupied, pushing those without a home into the suburbs”.

We’re Melbourne’s best possum removal service so give us a call now – 1300 665 573. Read More