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Dead Rats In Roof | Pest Control Empire


What’s that horrible smell in my home? If you’re suddenly experiencing a foul odour in your home then there’s a strong possibility that an animal has died in your home. It could be in your wall, roof space, or subfloor if you have one. Tim from Pest Control Empire specialises in the removal of dead animals from homes in and around Melbourne. Tim says, “It’s certainly not a glamorous job but I take great pride in assisting my customers with any and every pest control need they may have. Removal of decaying animals is just one of these services. Once the body is removed then the smell should go with it”. Read More

Rat Control Melbourne | Pest Control Empire


Do you have a dead animal in your wall, subfloor or ceiling in your Melbourne home and need it removed? Tim from Pest Control Empire prides himself on his ability to locate and remove dead animals and their unwanted odour. Tim says, “I’m getting several calls a day from people who are desperate to have the foul stench removed that only a dead body can produce. It is unhealthy and generally unbearable so I treat these jobs as urgent. If I can’t get to the property on the day of calling I will always make time to get there the next day”. Read More

Pest Control Keilor | Pest Control Empire


Tim Clinnick is a long time resident of Keilor and is the owner of Pest Control Empire. Since he commenced operation, Tim has been helping the residents and business owners of Keilor with all their pest management needs. Tim notes, “I grew up in Keilor and played at the footy club all through the juniors and seniors. I love the place and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. Now I’ve started my own business, ideally I would like to concentrate my efforts in the City of Brimbank”.  Read More

Melbourne Pest Control | Pest Control Empire



Tim from Pest Control Empire is reporting a very busy period for
Melbourne pest control. He notes, “It’s been a very cold winter and as a result, there has been a surge in the need for our services. Possums have been invading our homes in large numbers as they try to evade the cold weather. Rodents, particularly rats, are also moving indoors in large numbers. If you could sleep outside in the cold or inside a nice and warm roof with a heater operating below, where would you rather sleep?”  Read More

Pest Control Empire Find a dead rat


The removal of dead animals from homes throughout Melbourne has almost become a full time job for the team at Pest Control Empire. This is according to the owner of the company, Tim Clinnick, who says he’s receiving between 3 and 4 calls a day regarding dead animal odour. Tim says, “It’s been a prolific season for rodents and possums. It’s also been a prolific season for dead rodents and possums. The phone has been ringing off the hook with people desperate to have the foul stench of a dead animal removed from their houses”. Read More

Boronia Pest Control


Tim from Pest Control Empire has found himself in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs quite regularly this winter. He says, “It’s been a particularly cold winter this year and all types of pests have been seeking refuge in the roof and walls of the large homes in these leafy suburbs”. Tim reports a considerable presence of rodents, rats in particular, as well as possums living among us. He continues, “I find that possums and rats seem to live hand in hand. Generally if there’s one there’s the other. They love to live at heights so the roof is very popular as it’s secure and dark”. Read More

Melton Pest Control


Tim Clinnick from Pest Control Empire states that Melton is one of Melbourne’s busiest suburbs for pest control services. Tim says, “I’m based in the western suburbs of Melbourne and a large quantity of my call outs are to Melton. There’s no pest in particular that is the major concern. In fact, I’ve been called out for all sorts of problems including rodents, termites, spiders, European wasps and even snakes!”  Read More

Dead Rodent | Pest Control Empire


A common occurrence in the colder months is for animals such as possums, rats and mice to venture into our homes in search of a suitable location to live. Our subfloors, walls and roof voids provide perfect harbourage for these pests. Tim Clinnick of Pest Control Empire specialises in residential pest control and has reported a major increase in animal pest activity in and around Melbourne this year. He says, “The summer saw a dramatic increase in wasps. This winter the possum and rodent population also seems to have exploded”. A serious problem with animals coming into our homes is that they will often die indoors.  A rotting animal carcass is a serious health risk and the resultant smell is unbearable.  Read More

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Pest Control Melbourne

For your emergency pest control needs in Melbourne, look no further than Pest Control Empire (PCE). PCE is a family owned and operated pest management provider operating in Melbourne and surrounding surrounds. Pests of all types, whether they are rats, mice, termites, wasps, bees, ants or spiders, can inflict injury, spread disease and contaminate food. There are even destructive insects such as termites and borers that can destroy timber-in-service. Timber-in-service is what we call timber used to build structures such as our homes. Therefore, pest control can be considered an emergency in many if not all instances. PCE is available to assist in any and all urgent circumstances.

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