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It’s Springtime and the various birds of Melbourne are looking for somewhere to breed. Birds prefer to be somewhere high up in order to avoid predators such as cats. While you would assume they would nest in trees it seems they far prefer the cosy and secure space in the roof of our homes. We’re great at identifying how birds enter your roof and even better at blocking them out. For fast and effective birds removal or birds control in all Melbourne suburbs simply call us on 1300 665 573.

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Builders, roof tilers, and roof plumbers do a great job of keeping unwanted water out of our homes. However, they may leave small gaps that allow birds to enter your roof. If you’ve begun to hear noises in your roof then the chances are birds have taken homage in your home. The corners of your roof are often the most vulnerable. If you suspect that birds have inhabited your roof then simply walk out the front and watch your roofline for a short time.

You’ll soon see mother bird returned with nesting materials or food in her mouth to feed her hungry chicks. You may even hear the hungry cry of the chicks as they beg to be fed. We don’t recommend that you attempt to remove the birds yourself. This will usually involve the use of a ladder. For those without experience, this can and will end in disaster. This is particularly so for double-story homes. We remove birds from roof spaces all year round. We’re trained to work at height and we have all the appropriate safety gear.

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Once we attend we’ll identify how the birds have entered your roof. If it’s via one of the roof corners it can be a relatively simple fix. We’ll place aviary wire over the opening and this will prevent the adult birds from entering. The problem we often face though is with the removal of the nest. If it’s a colour bond roof we may need to remove screws and lift some roof sheets to access the nest. If the chicks are mobile then they can also be very difficult to catch!

If you have a tiled roof we can often remove a few tiles to access the nest. Often though mortar is securing the tiles in place so this can also prove challenging. Either way, we strive to remove the nest and any chicks.

Sparrows are the most difficult to block as they are tiny and can often enter a roof space from multiple locations. In instances like this, it’s often necessary to install a gutter guard around the entire perimeter of the home. This will ensure your roof is bird proofed. It also helps to block leaves and debris that can clog your gutters and downpipes.

We use a quality product known as Great Barrier Leaf. It’s a cost effective gutter protection system that’s easily installed and very effective. To learn more about this product click on this link.

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This is an example of gutter guard provided by Great Barrier Leaf. It’s a quality product that guarantees bird removal from your roof space.

If you’ve got birds in your roof and you want them removed then contact us now for a free onsite quote.