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Bee Removal Melbourne

Bee Removal Melbourne | Safe Relocation of Bees

Bee Removal Melbourne

Spring has sprung and this means that bee swarming season is upon us. The swarming season typically runs from September through to December and is a natural part of the honey bees’ reproductive cycle. We offer bee removal from all Melbourne suburbs. If the swarm can be collected and relocated to a safer location then that’s exactly what we’ll do.

The onset of warmer days and the abundant supply of nectar and pollen results in a population increase within the bee colony. Many bees suddenly find that they have outgrown their home. This results in the Queen and about half the colony population vacating the colony. When they vacate you’ll often see them all clumped together on a nearby object such as a fence, tree, or shrub. Most swarms occur around midday and they can remain present anywhere from a few hours to 2 days. They are waiting for the scout bees to locate a new site to establish a hive. 

The Danger Posed by Bees

A typical bee sting can be very painful with the sting site experiencing minor swelling, inflammation, and an itch. These minor reactions generally settle after a few days. However, some people may experience a more severe allergic reaction. Allergic reactions can range from painful swelling of the entire affected limb to the more extreme anaphylactic reaction which if not treated immediately, can result in death. If you or anyone you know shows signs of an allergic reaction please seek immediate medical assistance. Click this link to learn about bee sting first aid.

Bees are Swarming on my Property – What do I do? 

Swarming bees are quite docile and will generally not sting provided they are left undisturbed. To understand more about why bees swarm please click this link.

Should you find a swarm has settled on your property follow these simple precautionary steps:

  • Keep children and pets inside;
  • Don’t approach or disturb the swarm;
  • Contact a professional pest control company who can safely remove and relocate the swarm; &
  • Don’t attempt to remove the swarm yourself.

For fast and effective bee control in any Melbourne suburb call TODAY on 1300 665 573 and let us help you protect your family.