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Bedbug Bites Melbourne


The inspection for bedbugs should be methodical. If the bed can be disassembled this should be done. If the bedhead is bolted to a wall it should also be removed and inspected. Bedbugs are tiny and can fit into any crack or crevice. The mattress should be checked for any rips or tears. If a rip or tear is found the mattress should be discarded. If this is not feasible another option is to chemically treat the mattress, allow it time to dry and then fit it with a bedbug mattress protector. Nothing will be able to get in or out of the protector.

Bedbugs Live Where We Sleep
The bed and anything around it must be disassembled and thoroughly inspected for bedbugs.

The room should then be treated with a pesticide. A liquid is usually used in conjunction with dust and aerosol. Dusts and aerosols are more effective for cracks and crevices as it allows for a deeper penetration. Low toxicity pesticides are safe to use on mattresses according to the label. Once treated the room should be vacated for an extended period.

A quality pest manager will book a return inspection, usually 5-7 days after the initial bedbug control treatment. The room will either be cleared at the re-inspection or further treated.

Tim notes that customers should not expect a quick fix solution as bedbugs are resilient and resistant to many pesticides. He believes that the pest manager and the customer are a team that must work together to eliminate the problem. Any recommendation made by the pest manager should be followed if a successful resolution to bedbug control is to be achieved. Tim also suggests that customers should be wary of a pest manager who does not conduct a thorough inspection and rather just drowns the room with pesticides in order to achieve a result.

Tim states, “In my experience there really is no quick fix. A total bedbug extermination will rarely be achieved with one treatment. Customers sometimes become too fixated on price and may engage the services of a pest manager offering the cheapest price and offer of a quick resolution. Cheap prices usually equate to poor service and a failure to fix the problem. When it comes to bedbugs price should not be the deciding factor. A pest manager worth his salt will establish a management plan and honour that plan until the desired result is achieved. If it takes 3-4 visits then so be it”.

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