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Ant Control Melbourne

Ant Control Melbourne

Ant Control Melbourne

Ants can be one of the more difficult pests to control. Tim from Pest Control Empire is experienced in ant control in Melbourne. He says, “Correct identification of the ant species is crucial. For example, black house ants will come and go from one nest, whereas the white-footed house ant will form multiple colonies around a property”. Ants will travel far and wide in search of food and water so a nest may not even be on the property where an infestation is underway. So how do you treat an infestation like this? We specialise in ant pest control in all Melbourne suburbs so read on to find out what we do.

Ant Control Action

The best way to control ants is not to attract them in the first place. As they say, ‘Prevention is always better than the cure‘. The best way to prevent an ant infestation is to eliminate food and water and clean regularly and thoroughly. This includes:

  • Cleaning any food or liquid spills immediately;
  • Cleaning cooking appliances including the removal of crumbs from your toaster;
  • Vacuuming regularly and focusing on areas under and around benches, under couches and cushions, tables, the fridge and pantry;
  • Ensuring bins are lined and rubbish is placed outside on a regular basis;
  • Fixing any water leaks;
  • Ensuring all food is stored in air tight containers; &
  • Removing any uneaten pet food as well as any spills around feeding sites.

    Ant Control Melbourne
    Ants invade our homes, spread disease and contaminate food. Call us now for fast & effective control.

Additionally you should try to block off any possible entry points. You should inspect around door and window frames and seal any cracks. Missing grout in a shower is also a common way for ants to enter a home. Once ants have entered your property they can be difficult if not impossible to control with hardware store bought products. These products are repellents and are rarely effective.

How Can We Work On Ant Control

If you’re reading this you need a professional pest controller to assist with your ant problem. This is what we do:

  • Correct identification of the ant species;
  • Identification of the food / water source that has attracted the infestation;
  • Chemical control of the invaders.

Tim continues, “Repellents are good when the nest is able to be located. Flooding of the nest will kill all the occupants, including the queen. However, nests can be under the house, in the roof or wall cavity or not even on the property at all!”

Ants are social insects. Each caste of ant has a role to perform. The ants you will see are called workers. The role of a worker ant is to find food for the other castes. In an ideal situation, we would spray a large contingent of worker ants with a non-repellent pesticide. These types of chemicals are slow acting. This allows the sprayed ants to continue their activities and still return to the nest. Here they will spread the chemical amongst the colony and this will eventually lead to total colony control. It can be a slow process but it is highly effective.

Gels are also an effective option. Here we will place gel spots on known ant trails. The worker ants will feed on the gel and return to the colony and control will result in a similar fashion as described above.

Working together with your pest management professional is the best approach for getting rid of ants and keeping them out of your home.

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